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A Tradition of Excellence

Qualified and Dedicated Faculty

More than 70 experienced individuals spend countless hours in and out of the classroom to assure that Lamar students receive a state-of-the-art education.  All of our instructors are fully certified, and many possess advanced academic degrees. All faculty and administrators undergo continual professional development.

All classroom teachers and administrators have an email address.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers via email or during school hours.  Parent/Teacher conferences need to be set up through the office.

  Name Title Contact
Shane Adams Adams, Shane Dir of Athletics and Facilities 601-482-1345
Ashley Anderson Anderson, Ashley MS English
Lorie Anderson Anderson, Lorie HS Chemistry
Heather Bakane Bakane, Heather MS English 601-482-1345
Leigh Ann Ballou Ballou, Leigh Ann Head of School 601-482-1345
Mac Barnes Barnes, Mac Bible, Head Football Coach 601-482-1345
Stephanie Brown Brown, Stephanie Dual Credit Biology 601-484-8664
Marilyn Browne Browne, Marilyn MS/HS Math 601-482-1345
Burt Cade Cade, Burt HS Math 601-482-1345
Leslie Carruth Carruth, Leslie MS/HS Art 601-482-1345
Andrea Carver Carver, Andrea Discovery 601-482-1345
Jamie Castle Castle, Jamie 3rd Grade
Miriam Chesney Chesney, Miriam Elem. Music 601-482-1345
April Clodfelter Clodfelter, April Pre-Kindergarten 601-482-1345
Nancy Cole Cole, Nancy
Angie Cook Cook, Angie High School Secretary 601-693-8111
Diana Covington Covington, Diana MS Math 601-482-1345
Chip Cowsert Cowsert, Chip
Heather Dabit Dabit, Heather Pre-K Assistant
Michael Dale Dale, Michael HS History 601-482-1345
Brett Daniels Daniels, Brett HS US History 601-482-1345
Bethany Davis Davis, Bethany HS Physics/Dual Credit Phys. Science 601-482-1345
Emily Davison Davison, Emily 3rd Grade 601-482-1345
Yolanda Dearman Dearman, Yolanda Elementary Spanish 601-482-1345
Mary Katherine DeBardeleben DeBardeleben, Mary Katherine Alumni Relations, Admin. Asst. 601-482-1345
Kimberly DeVuono DeVuono, Kimberly Pre-Kindergarten Teacher 601-482-1345
Cesar Diaz Diaz, Cesar Boys Soccer Coach
Linda Dulaney Dulaney, Linda Middle School Principal 601-482-1345
Gena Dye Dye, Gena Virtual School Principal 601-482-1345
Kathryn Ford Ford, Kathryn 1st Grade 601-482-1345
Jill Gavin Gavin, Jill Elementary Secretary 601-482-1345
Joan Grimes Grimes, Joan HS English 601-482-1345
Adrian Guebara Guebara, Adrian HS Spanish/Assit Baseball & Football Coach 601-482-1345
Shirley Hendricks Hendricks, Shirley MS Computer Apps & AP Gov't 601-482-1345
Ralph Henson Henson, Ralph HS World History 601-482-1345
Candice Hines Hines, Candice 2nd Grade 601-482-1345
Elizabeth Honeycutt Honeycutt, Elizabeth 1st Grade 601-693-8111
Erin Honeycutt Honeycutt, Erin Elementary Principal 601-482-1345
Mary Jones Jones, Mary HS Math 601-482-1345
Beverly Litchfield Litchfield, Beverly 3rd Grade 601-482-1345
Enley Long Long, Enley Kindergarten 601-482-1345
Anna Mabry Mabry, Anna MS Science 601-482-1345
Melissa Mabry Mabry, Melissa Dir of Finance 601-482-1345
Bobby Madden Madden, Bobby MS History 601-482-1345
Darlene Madden Madden, Darlene MS English 601-482-1345
Belinda Matlock Matlock, Belinda MS Science 601-482-1345
Dawn McCormick McCormick, Dawn MS History 601-482-1345
Dana McElroy McElroy, Dana Kindergarten Assistant 601-482-1345
Stephanie Mendoza Mendoza, Stephanie MS Math
Joe Miller Miller, Joe Head Girls Basketball Coach 601-482-1345
Anna Mims Mims, Anna 2nd Grade 601-482-1345
Tracy Mitchell Mitchell, Tracy PK Teacher 601-482-1345
Neely Moffett Moffett, Neely Teacher's Assistant
Rhonda Morrow Morrow, Rhonda Adjunct Instructor
Steven Nelson Nelson, Steven High School Principal 601-482-1345
Michelle Pasha Pasha, Michelle Performing Arts & MS Music 601-482-1345
Leslie Pevey Pevey, Leslie HS English II 601-482-1345
Mia Pollman Pollman, Mia Asst. to Head/Technology Coordinator 601-482-1345
Ree Pollman Pollman, Ree Kindergarten 601-482-1345
Julie Quigley Quigley, Julie 1st Grade Assistant 601-482-1345
Jamie Ransier Ransier, Jamie HS English 601-482-1345
Colleen Rector Rector, Colleen 5th Grade 601-482-1345
Colleen Rector Rector, Colleen 5th Grade Teacher 601-482-1345
Beth Rhett Rhett, Beth MS English 601-482-1345
Stefanie Roman Roman, Stefanie MS Secretary 601-482-1345
Rocio Salas Jensen Salas Jensen, Rocio HS Spanish II 601-482-1345
Courtney Schimelpfening Schimelpfening, Courtney Volleyball Coach
Charles Shaffer Shaffer, Charles MS Science 601-482-1345
Danielle Shedd Shedd, Danielle 4th Grade Teacher 601-482-1345
Stephanie Singley Singley, Stephanie Elementary Stem Lab 601-482-1345
Nelda Sistrunk Sistrunk, Nelda
Phyllis Skipper Skipper, Phyllis Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 601-482-1345
Natalie Skotko Skotko, Natalie Kindergarten Assistant 601-482-1345
Amanda Slay Slay, Amanda Biology I and II
Cynthia Slimp Slimp, Cynthia HS English
Susan Smith Smith, Susan 4th Grade Teacher 601-482-1345
Nancy Sterling Sterling, Nancy Elementary PE 601-482-1345
Sandy Syner Syner, Sandy Elementary Librarian 601-482-1345
Leigha Tate Tate, Leigha Teacher
Amy Temple Temple, Amy 2nd Grade 601-482-1345
Holly Triplett Triplett, Holly Elementary Art 601-482-1345
Will Vollor Vollor, Will Teacher 601-482-1345
Megan Warden Warden, Megan 5th Grade 601-482-1345
Rachel Westbrook Westbrook, Rachel MS/HS Counselor 601-482-1345
Robert Westbrook Westbrook, Robert HS Science/Baseball Coach 601-482-1345
Shelley Whittington Whittington, Shelley Kindergarten Teacher 601-482-1345
Tim Wise Wise, Tim MS/HS Performing Arts
Anna Young Young, Anna 1st Grade Teacher 601-482-1345