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A Tradition of Excellence



In the future, despite many unknowns, we recognize that 80% of the jobs will fall into the catergories of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  This knowledge is our guiding force in the formation of STEM labs.  These labs will prepare our students for their future through an interactive, hands-on approach.  2014-15 was the charter year for STEM labs at Lamar School for 6th and 7th graders.  In the fall of 2015, thanks to generous supporters of the capital campaign, we were able to upgrade our middle school STEM labs to Pitsco labs, add a Pitsco STEM lab for grades 3 through 5, and a robotics program.  

STEM labs are a highlight for 6th and 7th grade students.  High School Journalism students interviewed STEM students to find out what they have learned and why they love the STEM lab.  


What’s the best part of STEM lab?

We get to do cool projects. -- JD
We get to design cool stuff and we get to design it by ourselves. – Sarah Paige
Getting to use MacBooks and IPads in our projects.  – Hannah Beth
Making inventions.  – Sam D.
Getting to do all the different projects. – Sam G.
We use our own creative ideas to make projects. -- Lake 
When we get to build things, like bridges and roller coasters.  – Isabella 

What have you learned from STEM lab?

Sometimes it’s hard but you have to keep going.  -- JD
Teamwork is very important for a good project.  -- Sarah Paige
You have to be creative.  -- Hannah Beth
We’ve learned about the types of energy, about cooking and how to type. – Sam D.
To code apps. – Sam G.
We’ve learned about coding, forces, bridges, and simple machines.  – Lake 
How to make iMovies and how to type.  -- Isabella

Why do you think STEM lab is important?

It teaches science, technology, engineering, and math.  -- JD
It teaches teamwork skills, trust, and things you need to know in society. –Sarah Paige
It teaches teamwork, but also independence.  – Hannah Beth
We get to learn more about how to better use technology. – Sam D., Lake, Isabella

What has been your favorite STEM lab project and why?

The Roller Coaster because we had a good group and we worked hard together, and it was fun.  -- JD
The Simple Machines Project was my favorite.  You had to use all the simple machines and you had to use stuff you already had, not buy things. – Sarah Paige
Building Edible Cars was great. It was a challenge to build one in 30 minutes.  – Hannah Beth
The Roller Coaster because it was fun and I got to learn about kinetic and potential energy.  – Sam D.
The Edible Car Project because it was challenging to make a car in the time restraints and to make it out of edible stuff.  – Sam G. 
The Roller Coaster because we learned about the forces, energies, and Newton’s Law.  – Lake 
Building Toothpick Bridges because I got to see the drawing become a 3-dimensional object.  -- Isabella

"In STEM Lab, we don't read out of textbooks.  We get to use our imagination and our hands.  It's all from our minds, not books.  We learn to solve problems.  STEM Lab has taught me how to use technology in the future.  We will have knowledge from middle school that will aid us in college.  For the Architecture Project, we had to draw blueprints.  It was my favorite.  It taught me how expensive all the electricity was.  I know to start saving up a while before a project and that I need a plan."

  -- Stella                                     7th grade