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A Tradition of Excellence

The faculty and administration of Lamar School believe that reading is of incomparable value to the student and should extend into the summer. Reading provides exposure to experiences and ideas beyond the scope of everyday life and thus offers opportunities for enjoyment and intellectual growth. Additionally, reading is vital for further developing comprehension and vocabulary, which not only prepares students for college entrance tests but also provides the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the written word.

Reading is an important element in a college preparatory curriculum. In keeping with Lamar School’s mission statement, the school requires that students enrolled in grades 6 -12 make reading part of their summer plan. The books have been chosen carefully by the English faculty, with the hopes that students will enjoy reading them and will find them appropriately challenging. Students enrolled in grades PreK - 5th are strongly encouraged to read books of their choosing throughout the summer.  

2021 Middle and High School Summer Reading

(Upcoming Grades 6 - 12 )

In an effort to promote a deeper understanding of the text, students will take a test, which includes an essay portion, in class on the second day of school. The final portion of summer reading is the compliance form, which counts 11 points. The completed compliance form is due on the second day of school. Links to specific titles and more detailed instructions for each grade are found below:

2021 Elementary Summer Reading

(Upcoming Grades Pre-K - 5)


Pre-K through 5th graders are encouraged to read over the summer.  Students who complete the summer reading assignment and turn in the Raider Reader Form by the deadline will participate in the Raider Reader Reward in August.