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A Tradition of Excellence

Back the Bleachers!

Through the Back the Bleachers Campaign, Grey Cobb Field has a new look!  A refurbished field, new bleachers for both home and visitors, wheelchair ramps, chair back seats, new press box, sidewalks, and a Winners' Circle complete the venue.  The new bleachers are secure structures that increase seating capacity for the home side by 400 seats and the visitor side by 100 seats for a total seating capacity of 1700.  The field is completely recreated with an under drainage system, irrigation system, and laser graded field replanted with Tifway 419 Bermuda grass.  This new surface provides a safe and inviting playing field for football, cheerleading, dance, and soccer. 

The Back the Bleachers Campaign will continue throughout the year to support the renovations.  We are thankful for the support of our families, faculty, alumni, and community for their investment in the well-being and development of our athletes.  

Please click here to make an on-line donation.