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A Tradition of Excellence

Providing opportunities for students to have a well-rounded, enriched curriculum is a high priority.  As a part of this effort, elementary students participate outside the regular classroom in art and music.  Classroom teachers frequently work with music and art teachers to integrate the various disciplines with current classroom topics and units of study.  At the middle school level, 6th grade students participate in art and chorus classes, while 7th and 8th graders can choose these classes as an elective.  Graduation requirements ensure that all high school students are exposed to arts classes. Options include Art I and II, Chorus I and II, or an Art History course.  

At all levels, we strive to provide exposure to as many arts opportunities for our students as possible.  Field trips to plays, art museums, and concerts are encouraged.  Guest speakers and performers are frequently brought in as a part of our Breakfast with the Arts program and in assemblies.