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A Tradition of Excellence

At the elementary level, all students participate in music classes designed to adequately equip each student with a well-rounded set of basic skills and to build a love of music.  Each year builds on skills taught the year before, incorporating moving to the beat, singing with good technique, developing music reading skills, discovering important historical music figures, and identifying instruments.  Students learn to play small instruments, building listening skills as they learn about rhythms and tempos.  Our 4th graders learn to play the recorder and perform with other area 4th graders in the Link Up program.

Each grade combines their musical knowledge with their speaking and acting abilities in numerous performances throughout the year.  The highlights are a grade level play and devotional.  Students also perform at Veterans and Grandparents Day programs, at local events, and nursing homes.


All 6th graders continue to expand their musical knowledge with a general music class.  7th and 8th graders can choose to take a chorus class as an elective.  Middle school chorus classes focus on group performance, improving listening skills, and team work.  These students combine their talents with the high school chorus for our Christmas Concert and various other performances throughout the year.


High School students may choose from Chorus I, Chorus II, or Drama as an elective.  Chorus classes continue to build on skills learned at earlier levels, learning more technical vocal skills, music reading, and performance skills.  Drama classes start out with the basics of theater and improvisation, from building characters to building sets.  Both groups perform frequently and often take leadership roles on and off-stage in the school-wide Fall and Spring Productions.