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Student Life

Elementary School

In the elementary school, our young learners participate in many academic pursuits such as reading clubs, writing contests, spelling bees, and more.  As they build important foundations and discover a love for learning, these students utilize the latest technology in the classroom and also serve our community through canned food drives and other acts of service outside of the classroom.

Our elementary students focus on their growing faith through grade-level devotionals each month.  They also participate in show-stopping musical productions! These dynamic and unforgettable programs are just one more component of a well-rounded learning experience here at Lamar School.

Middle School

The middle years are transitional ones, filled with new opportunities and responsibilities. A day in the life of a Middle School Raider is a busy one!  In addition to challenging classes and concentrated character development, these students excel in many different activities such as Robotics, Student Council, and Spelling Bee, just to name a few.

High School

High school is a place where learning culminates in a rigorous curriculum, an abundance of extracurricular activities, and traditional milestones. Here students work to make their mark on their school and community while preparing for life outside the gates of Lamar School after graduation. Our High School Raiders fill their days with a flurry of activities and accolades.


Whether on the fields or courts, our Raider athletes can be found giving their all in a variety of sports offerings at Lamar School.  Our athletic facilities are home to athletes of all ages, and students can be found practicing all over our campus every day. Raider fans pack the stands and cheer on our athletes when Game Day finally arrives. No matter the final score, our Raiders are all winners.

Arts and Humanities 

Lamar School is very proud of our Arts and Humanities departments.  At a young age, our Raiders are introduced to visual and performing arts.  These pursuits are cultivated and expanded throughout Middle and High School.  Whether performing on stage or the drum line or creating pottery or a painting, our students make the world a more beautiful place.

Of course, what makes our school so unique is our students: More than 600 boys and girls who fill these classrooms and hallways and practice fields each and every day.