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Expanding Our Footprint

For many years the Emmons family has been friends of Lamar School. In 1970, Lamar High School was built on 40 acres adjoining property belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Mac Emmons.

Recently, Mrs. Emmons moved out of state to be closer to her family. Lamar School had the opportunity to purchase the Emmons' family land. Lead gifts by the McDaniel family, Hall family, Breaux family, and Love family made this purchase possible.

Because of their kindness, we have expanded our footprint by 107 acres! Currently a path has been mowed and marked for our families to use as a walking trail and our athletic teams to use for training. You may park on our campus and take the foot bridge across to the trail. One of our coaches currently lives in the house and tends to the yard with the same care as Mr. Emmons once did.

This fall we will be hosting small group discussions to exchange ideas for this land and its possibilities for the future of Lamar School.We hope you will join us as we expand the legacy of our school for generations to come. In the meantime, if you see one of our friends listed below, please tell them thank you for making this purchase possible.

Tony & Debbie McDaniel

Maurice & Cathy Hall

John & Rainey Breaux

Larry & Lisa Love

Jay & Sheryl Davidson

Barbara Jones

Chris & Dee Dee Price

Vanessa Roberts

Josh & Christen Waters

Joe & Mary Ann Wilkerson

Charles & Felise Woodall

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